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Reps & Distributors

united states of america

A-Best Industrial

ARCO Engineering Inc.

Arctic Controls

Hatfield & Company, Inc.

Instrument Control Services

Blue Tag Center

Jasper Engineering

Parker Technical Sales

Pneumatic Control, Inc.

ProTech Sales

Pryor Sales and Service

Quadco, Inc. Brighton

Blue Tag Center

Quadco, Inc. Farmington

Blue Tag Center

Republic Valve Service

Blue Tag Center

The Blythe Company

Blue Tag Center

Traegar Brothers & Associates

Traegar Brothers & Associates

UP & S, Inc.

Blue Tag Center

UP & S, Inc.

Blue Tag Center

Western Energy Sales


Caltrols Middle East FZCO

Caltrols Pakistan Co.

Flow Control and Measurement

Blue Tag Center

Equipment Solution Group Colombia S.A.

Matco (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Matco (Indonesia) Co., Ltd.

Kompleks Wijaya Graha Puri Blok G-34
Jl. Wijaya 2, Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta 12160

Matco (Malaysia) Co., Ltd.

Matco (Singapore) Co., Ltd.

Matco (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.

Matheson Valves – Hamilton

Matheson Valves – Montreal

Matheson Valves – Quebec City

Pressure and Safety Systems

Teltherm Instruments, Ltd.

QC Pumps & Compressors Ltd.